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Money Success for Kids is an online self paced financial literacy program that teaches kids from K-12th grade. We developed this curriculum using best practices that makes learning about money fun. With tons of hands on real life scenarios, you will know all things money when you finish.

Lets get your family on the path to financial freedom!

What Others Think About Us

When I tell you, me and my husband are ecstatic that we found this online curriculum about money. We have a 13,14, and 17 year old. Each one of them learned something different. What makes it even better is that it involved us too. We all have a better understanding of money.– The Matthews
Money Success for Kids is an awesome program that has taught my son a lot. He went from knowing very little to a lot in no time. I’m glad we found this program. I have referred a lot of my friends and family.– Tina J.
I like the program. My parents said I needed to know more about money. It really showed me real life situations. Now I know why my parents always say what they say about money. I’m still gonna ask though. Lol. Great info!– Sarah B

Why Money Success for Kids ?


Flexible & Beneficial

Money Success for Kids is available anywhere there is internet service 24/7. By accessing the program, you will get all the tools that benefit you in the long run.

Real Life Scenarios

Money Success for Kids allows each child to learn and apply it to their everyday living. Our program gives our young adults the necessary tools to become financially free adults.

Up to Date Content

As the times change so does education. Money Success for Kids keeps you up to date on on the all the financial literacy content.

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Our curriculum was built by our team that has over 25 years of experience in financial literacy.